Administrator, Government Grants. Ryan, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Ryan Government grants are financial awards given by government agencies to individuals, organizations, or businesses to support specific projects, activities, or initiatives that align with government priorities and objectives. These awards are frequently distributed to promote economic growth, advance diverse public interests, boost research and innovation, and address social issues.

About us

For clients, the Administrator, Government Grants will be in charge of performing research, preparing grant funding applications for hiring, and assisting with compliance and reporting processes when grant applications have been accepted. Furthermore, this will involve keeping appraised of deliverables, updating the Firm’s programming knowledge and operations, and looking into appropriate grants for client human resources initiatives. The Administrator will examine new and ongoing programmes, communicate with representatives of government funding organisations, and communicate directly with clients in order to update the team on the state of affairs. The job calls for an elevated level of attention to detail and the capacity to multitask in an exciting working environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Plan Development: Explore many web resources to identify suitable funding programmes for clients from different sectors.

• Preparing and writing grant applications for hiring for manager and client review.

• Client management: interact with clients directly to collect data need to support application preparation.

• Application Submission: Submit applications via websites or platforms for online programme submission.

• Handling submissions and keeping contact with clients, programme authorities, and programme portals/websites.

Manage Salesforce and other systems to support recordkeeping and reporting to Managers. 

• Systemization/Document Management: Set up all documentation, including programme documentation and client files, to maintain the integrity and consistency of the internal file management system. 

• Compliance: Assist with the compliance and reporting requirements post grant approval.

• Internal & External Meetings: Organising and planning for client and team meetings.

Education And Experience in Ryan

It is required to have a bachelor’s degree or college diploma in one of the following fields: science, business/administration, social sciences, humanities, human resources, or accounting. Industry experience of one or more years is not necessary but is considered as an asset.

Attributes Required

  • Successful verbal and written communication.
  • Capability to make decisions despite limited information. 
  • Work well under pressure and under deadline restrictions.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking ability.
  • The capacity to think creatively. 
  • Confidence in one’s capacity for making decisions.
  • Self-motivation.        

Computer Skills

An individual must be able to understanding new technology and have intermediate knowledge of Microsoft® Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook in order perform this work successfully.

Certificates And Licenses

  • Requires a current driver’s licence.
  • Responsibilities in Work.
  • No supervision is needed for this role.
  • A Chance for All Employer: veteran/disabled.,-LLC/reviews?utm_campaign=google_jobs_reviews&utm_source=google_jobs_reviews&utm_medium=organic

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