Bus Driver Ringgold School Linkou District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 

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  • Full-time · Entry level
  • 51-200 employees · Education Administration Programs
  • Job Title: Bus Driver
  • Reports to: Director of Transportation

About the job


A letter of interest, resume, three (3) letters of recommendation less than one year old, Acts 34, 114, 151 clearances less than one year old, Act 24, Act 126 Certificate and Act 168 disclosure release(s).

Primary Purpose

Enables the right away, safe, and well-planned transportation of children.

Qualifications for Ringgold

Minimum Education or Experience:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Must have an active certificate or permit as a school bus operator or be eligible to obtain a license.
  • A current, valid Pennsylvania CDL with at least a “B” classification and the “P” and “S” endorsements. There must be no “L” restriction.
  • Be able to pass the physical examination required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for school bus drivers.

Essential Functions

  • Safely manage a school bus to pick up kids from various locations and transport them to and from school on schedule with a set timetable and route. Transports students to and from Ringgold school-organized activities and field trips as needed.
  • Follow security rules when loading and unloading kids. Ensure that students with disabilities or those who require assistance are helped safely into and out of vehicles by giving the proper assistance. Ensuring that wheelchairs and medical equipment for students are handled and secured properly. When required, helps students get in and out of their car’s seats.
  • Complies with every regulation, rule, and law that applies from the federal, state, governmental, and district levels. Obeys all posted limits on speed and driving safety precautions.
  • Clarifies discipline by employing the proper methods. Claims student misconduct to the proper authority. Properly maintain with all District  and school population information’s.
  • Maintains an accurate mileage record, student roster, student count, seating sketches, and route schedule at all times. While the vehicle is being driven, it must be kept supplied with both the route schedule and the student list.
  • Maintain accurate emergency contact information for every student while driving the car. Timely gives any required paperwork or reports, such as those that detail the number of passengers or trips, the amount of hours worked, or the length of the journey.
  • Simply picks up and drops off passengers at allowed stops while transporting only allowed passengers. Checks the bus physically at the end of the route to make sure no kids are still inside.
  • Maintains an excellent working connection with the district’s transportation staff, the students, their parents/guardians, bus aides, and monitors. When interacting with students, demonstrates appropriate leadership.
  • Inspects constantly and offers appropriate care of car with pre trip or post trip inspection.
  • Enforces the restrictions on eating and smoking on buses.
  • Attends school bus driver training as instructed and as allowed by law. Maintains all necessary certificates and follows by all laws in order to function as a school bus driver. Conduct essential evacuation exercises for school buses as well as other safety drills as specified. Carries all the required documentation, including a valid CDL license with a “S” endorsement, a valid school bus endorsement card, and a valid the physician’s certificate, at all times when performing this activity.
  • To ensure protection of staff members and students. Never leave students unsupervised
  • Constantly treat confidential information with respect.
  • Different responsibilities that the principle or other administrative staff may assign.


  • Ability to bring something to a team.
  • You must be respectful.
  • Ability to multitask and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Ability to work in a friendly and urgent setting.

Other Qualifications And Abilities

  • Be able to pass the necessary alcohol and drug test.
  • Must be physically capable of carrying 40 pounds for 20 feet and lifting 40 pounds from floor to waist, waist to shoulder, and overhead. Furthermore, the ability to push or pull with a force of a minimum of forty (40) pounds is required.
  • Physically capable of sitting, bending, standing, and walking for at least five (5) hours.
  • The capacity to pay attention to written and spoken directions.
  • Working together and communicating skills with coworkers and other people.
  • The capacity of working well and efficiently without being closely supervised.
  • Has proven ability to carry out the specified performance responsibilities successfully and properly.
  • Alternatives to the aforementioned requirements may be established by the Employer if necessary for the particular job opening.


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