Food Handler Job at Taipei American School in Taiwan

Taipei American School is seeking a food handler to join their team in Taiwan. The food handler will assist with food preparation, service, and sanitation in our school cafeteria. Responsibilities include following food safety standards, maintaining cleanliness, and assisting with inventory. Previous experience in food service and a food handler certificate are preferred. If this position interests you, they invite you to send in your application.

Responsibilities of Food Handler:

  • Complete kitchen work as per the instructions of our chefs and FSD management.
  • Complete kitchen-related work assigned by restaurant chefs and supervisors.
  • Set up serving line and salad bar for opening; break down serving line and salad bar for closing.
  • Preparations for opening and closing of restaurant salad vegetable area and restaurant serving line.
  • Assemble and deliver lunch boxes.
  • Assemble and deliver school lunch boxes.
  • Prepare and replenish salad bar items.
  • Collect used cafeteria trays and utensils.
  • Clean the serving line and kitchen food prep areas. Clean the serving line and food prep area in the restaurant.
  • Help in the kitchen wherever needed.
  • Support the work of other staff and areas in the restaurant.

Requirements for Food Handler:

  • At least one years of restaurant experience.
  • High School Graduate.
  • Have more than one year of restaurant experience.
  • Ability to speak and understand basic English will be a plus.
  • Applicants with basic English listening, speaking, reading and reading skills will be given priority.
  • Knowledge and concept of sanitation.
  • Have relevant knowledge of catering hygiene.
  • Attention to detail, especially food quality & sanitation.
  • Be careful and careful to ensure the quality and hygiene of ingredients and food.
  • Hardworking, flexible, fast and accurate in completing designated work can accurately and effectively complete the assigned work items and content.
  • Friendly, patient and have a good rapport with customers.

Job Details:

  • Job Title: Food Handler Job at Taipei American School in Taiwan
  • Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Company: Taipei American School
  • Salary: 20-24
  • Salary Currency: TWD
  • Payroll: per hour
  • Employment Type: Part-time

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