Head chef, Marriott Taichung–Changhua, Metropolitan Area Taiwan

Marriott International promotes equal employment opportunities. We believe in fostering an inclusive, people-first culture and hiring a diverse staff. We are committed to not competing on any legally recognized grounds, including disadvantage and veteran status, as well as any other grounds.


  • Full-time · Director
  • Location Fairfield by Marriott Taichung, No 1155 Section 2 Huanzhong Road, Taichung, Taiwan,
  • Position Type Management

About Marriott

In Marriott accountable for the overall success of the kitchen’s every day operations cooking skills can be observed by personally performing tasks, supervising the team, and overseeing all activities related to food. Works to maintain the operating fund and enhancing the happiness of visitors as well as staff members. Oversees all cooking departments to guarantee that a dependable, premium product is created. Responsible for leading and advancing team members, including direct reports. Ensure that hygiene and food safety standards are satisfied.

Education And Experience

  • High school diploma or GED; 4 year’s experience in the culinary, food and beverage, or related professional area.


  • 2-year degree from an accredited university in Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management, or related major; 2 year’s experience in the culinary, food and beverage, or related professional area.

Ensuring Culinary Standards And Responsibilities Are Met

  • Prepares and cooks many kinds of foods, either daily or for special occasions.
  • Reviews and improves kitchen procedures and regulations to guarantee their effectiveness.
  • Develops, designs, or creates fresh menu items and recipes that comply with standards or innovative ideas.
  • Shows knowledge about flavor, presentation, and high-quality food goods.
  • Verifies adherence to standards for safe food handling and sanitation.
  • Assures compliance to all relevant laws and rules.
  • Keeps all food products at the proper temperature and handles them properly.
  • Is aware of and follows the brand’s safety standards.
  • Supervises the operations of the kitchen shift and makes sure that all food and beverage policies, standards, and procedures are followed.
  • Keeps food storage, receiving, and buying standards.
  • Uses and maintains all departmental machinery, reporting problems.
  • Supports methods for controlling food and beverage portions and waste.
  • Develop and carry out environmentally friendly practices and procedures for the restaurant’s food preparation, energy use, and disposal of trash.
  • Checks the quality of raw and cooked food products to ensure that standards are met.
  • Assists in determining how food should be presented and creates decorative food displays.

Leading Culinary Team in Marriott

  • Guides and plans the work of cooks and other workers who prepare food.
  • Utilize interpersonal and communication skills to motivate, encourage, and lead others; encourages making wise financial and business decisions; shows honesty and integrity; sets an example.
  • Manages and supervises personnel. Supervises all daily activities. Understands employee positions well enough to perform duties in employees’ absence.
  • Builds and encourage mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among staff members.
  • Serves as a role model to demonstrate appropriate behaviors.
  • Ensures and maintains the productivity level of employees.
  • Ensures that menu items are prepared and presented according to use list standards.
  • Establishes and maintains open, collaborative relationships with employees and ensures employees do the same within the team.
  • Estimates daily production needs on a weekly basis and communicates production needs to kitchen personnel daily.
  • Leads shifts while personally preparing food items and executing requests based on required specifications.

Ensuring Exceptional Customer Service

  • Offers services that go above and beyond to keep customers satisfied and loyal.
  • Manages daily operations, ensuring that they carry out to the highest possible standard and that customers’ expectations are met.
  • Improves customer service by interacting with team members to better understand the needs of customers, and by offering direction, feedback and individual coaching as necessary.
  • Sets a positive example for guest relations.
  • To handles guest problems and complaints.
  • Strives to improve service performance.
  • Helps the staff with ongoing training to understand what customers want.

Managing and Conducting Human Resource Activities

  • Understands others’ developmental needs and provides coaching, mentoring, or other support for helping them acquire new knowledge or skills.
  • Identifies the educational needs of others, developing formal educational or training programs or classes, and teaching or instructing others.
  • Assists as needed in the interviewing and hiring of employee team members with appropriate skills.
  • Participates in the employee performance appraisal process, providing feedback as needed.
  • Gets feedback from employees, has a “open door” society, and analyses employee satisfaction data to spot and handle any issues.
  • Participates in educating restaurant and catering workers about menu items, including ingredients, methods of preparation, and special flavors.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Communicate information with fellow workers, superiors, and subordinates over the phone, in the written word, by email, or in person.
  • Utilizes information analysis and results evaluations to select the best course of action to resolve and address issues.
  • Attends and participates in all pertinent meetings.


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