Bridgestone, a leading manufacturer of high-quality tires, is currently seeking a skilled and motivated Factory Worker to join their team. As a Factory Worker, you will be responsible for providing various tasks involved in the manufacturing and production of tires. Company offers highly competitive salary packages along with many other benefits.



  • Salary: 1000
  • Salary Currency: NZD
  • Payroll: MONTH
  • Employment Type : FULL_TIME
  • Hiring Organization : Bridgestone
  • Location: PostalAddress, The Millenium Centre level 1 building a/602 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland, 1051, New Zealand
  • Experience Required: 12 Months


  • Operating machinery to assemble, mold, and shape to components
  • Maintaining a clean and organized work area
  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment, including performing routine maintenance on equipment and tools
  • Work collaboratively with other team members to achieve production targets and goals
  • Follow all health and safety regulations and guidelines


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Previous experience working in a manufacturing or industrial environment
  • A relevant diploma or certificate
  • Knowledge of machinery and tools commonly used in a factory setting
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and multitask effectively.


The salary for a Factory Worker is 1000 NZD per month and also increase over time with performance based raises, promotions to a more senior role, or by taking on additional responsibilities such as training new staff members.

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  1. applying for a factory worker

  2. I’m interested to apply as factory worker

  3. JR PRINCE B BANDONG to apply?

  4. Domingo Alcantara Sabio Jr

    I’m very interested in your job opening as a factory worker. I worked as a machinist here in the Philippines. 18 years iexperienced n a manufacturing company.
    Thank you

  5. I want to apply as factory worker my experience is 11years as production operator at Amkor Technology Philippines Inc

  6. Mark Angelo Laurejas

    How ro apply

  7. Mark Angelo Laurejas

    How to apply

  8. junrey garado lanojan

    Hi sir mam I’m willing to apply factory worker,pls contact mi 09102396580.Godblees

  9. Rolando Atienza Jr.

    Im inyerested applying for factory worker i New Zealand.

  10. Hoping to be hire..interested to apply

  11. Machine operator as machine mold

  12. Dear Sir / Ma’am,


    This is Erick Rigor Jocker P. Apostol from the Philippines. I am interested to apply in your dairy farm company in whatever job position is available. My most recent working experience is in a poultry farm in Japan for 3 years. Attached is my CV for your reference.

    It is definitely a privilege to work with you. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

  13. Lou Eric Galicia


  14. Jelly Mae Zapanta

    Would like to apply as factory worker

  15. Hi sir I’m interested to apply 10 years in manufacturing plant as machine operator..

  16. Good day,

    May I apply for this hiring..

  17. Orenthal James Organo

    I’m interested factory worker applicant.

  18. Hi! Sir,Ma’am… I interested apply Factory Worker ex Saudi Arabia, Passport holder.

  19. Hi! Sir, Ma’am … I interested apply Factory Worker ex Saudi Arabia,Passport holder.


  21. Godwin eustaquio

    Good morning im experience more than 10 years in different kind of manufacturing and willing to learn more in your company..

  22. Stephen M.Pacardo

    I am writing to express my interest in the position as factory worker,I dont have any experince in factory job,but i am motivated and enthusiastic person,I am very interested to be part of your company.

  23. Applying for the position as factory worker,

  24. Marlonito Culanag Tano

    Good day maam/sir,

    I am Marlonito Tano, 37 years of age from Philippines. I want to apply this said position as a factory worker in your country. I’ve been working in South Korea for almost 6 years in service in a manufacturing company. I used to assemble, check products on its quality appearance, operate machines, drive forklift and etc. For more information about my previous experience, please see my attached resume for your referral.
    Thank you and have a good day.

  25. Im interested work from your company

  26. Im interested to apply to position factory worker. Good attitude good worker and hardworking. Specially to support my family i hope selected to my apply.

  27. Lou Jayne R. Batino

    im interested

  28. Female,35yrs old 10yrs quality control at factory

  29. Ana Marie Del Rosario

    Can I apply for factory worker or Laundry worker/housekeeping?

  30. Interested to apply us factory worker in NZD..I’m 37 years of age,presently work in industrial company 4years in experience.passport holder 10 years validity..thank you and I hope to have a chance to work and be part of your good company..good bless and more power..

  31. I hope i can work there in future

  32. I hope i been qualified for this job even do im dont have much experience as a factory worker,but i willing to undergo trainings.

  33. I hope u can recieve this and give me an upportunity to. Work with your company thank you and Godblesss

  34. Gud day Sir/Maam
    I’m interested in your post of factory worker in new Zealand

  35. I just want to apply ask factory worker

  36. I am so interested for this job and i really like to go and work in New Zealand..i work in a factory before for almost 2 years as QA/ Quality Assurance Inspector..thank you in advance

  37. Aurelio A. Fernandez III

    Factory worker

  38. marlin a. baquiran

    mam sir, i am marlon a baquiran, i am a graduate of bs electrical engineering, im looking for a job that suites my knowledge and capabilities

  39. Hello can I apply in your job hiring

  40. Rio Sarza Hondanero

    how to applý?I’m a passport holder from the Phillipines..

  41. Hi ma’am/sir
    I am willing to apply as a factory worker
    Thank you

  42. I terested to work

  43. Efren Jr. Abejuela

    Hi good day..! I am applicant from philippines I work in taiwan for 6 years as a factory worker hope that I can find a better job

  44. Dawn Aretha Moralde

    I have a visible tattoo, can I apply?

  45. Rupert Ruskin Galicia

    jobseeker i wan to apply as factory worker

  46. How to apply ?

  47. Ma Isabel Tabagan

    Interested to apply for Factory

  48. Gud day sir/mam.,.,im applying for factory worker.Passport holder and willing to be trained,fast learner,hardworking and self desiplined.Thank You so much and godbless

  49. How can I apply as a factory even if I don’t have experience yet?

  50. Romulo A. Aloot lll

    Sir l want to apply in your so many years experience in machine operator in taiwan.i hope that you give me a chance to be a part in your company.thank you sir

  51. Mariz C. Cayanan

    Im interested. How to apply?

  52. I am interested about this job.

  53. I want to apply as a factory worker in your company even if I am a skilled worker and worked internationally before. I’m a fit to work and a fast learner so I can do my job properly.


    How to apply as a factory worker?

  55. i want to apply as factory worker in your country the beautiful new Zealand. Hope you notice my message thank you.

  56. Jose Jess Daguplo

    interested to apply

  57. Good day I am interested as an Factory Worker in New Zealand, Currently here in Philippines now. I have experienced in as a Factory Worker also in production worker. Im am physically fit in that position. I am looking forward hearing from you or you may contact thru my email @[email protected]

  58. Im very interested for applying as factory worker in NZ

  59. John Lee Pasquil

    How to apply?


    im interesred

  61. Leo Leroy Del Mundo

    I am formerly vegetables farmer and fruit picker in Norway. I’m interested to apply

  62. Kennedy P. Namora

    Good day. Where to send the resume for applying factory worker?

  63. I want to apply factory worker

  64. Christopher corpuz

    Willing to apply maam, sir

  65. I wanna apply as factory worker

  66. Am Jerry Motilla from Philppines, am very interested to apply in New Zealand a a factory worker, thank you.

  67. 3 years factory worker in Taiwan..

  68. Good apply for Driver or foctory worker. For experience in driving 27 years. Experience in foctory is 9 year. Im 55 year old

  69. Is there an age limit?im 44 years old…willing to apply as factory worker…thank you

  70. How to apply factory worker in new Zealand,

  71. I apply factory worker

  72. Ronald Jr. Tablang Tumbaga

    Good day..I’m aspiring applicant for the position as factory worker I saw your ads on facebook

  73. Legaspino Emerson Nino

    I’m interested Ma’am Sir

  74. Good luck and keep up the good work maam ser nice to have job and vacancy we hope that you get me as one of your worker..thanks and have a good day…

  75. 5yrs experience factory worker, machine operator

  76. I want to apply as factory worker

  77. Apply for factory worker

  78. Joshua Manalo Paginag

    im willing to work in new zealand

  79. rolando sardeña

    i like to apply factory worker

  80. Applying for a Factory Worker

  81. im willing to apy at your company please accept me i have a semiconductor and electronics experience im a hardworking and honest can stand along willing to work night shift im a x taiwan for almost 6 years in factory im a perfect attendance awardee thanks

  82. I’m interested to work in your company how to apply.

  83. im hardworking person honest can easily understand work easy or hard i have a semiconductor and electronics work experience im willing to train any types of work hard or easy im a perfect awardee employee thankz

  84. Quijano Feleciano E.

    I’m interested to apply as a factory worker

  85. Im last work is jn textile factory in taiwan..

  86. I would like to apply for the job.

  87. Roger C. Rogando Jr.

    Ii would like to inquire for this position

  88. Sharlito Roberto

    Willing to work and i want more learn

  89. Dear Sir,

    Good day!
    I want to apply as factory worker.
    I have 14 years experience as CNC machine operator and maintenance technician.

    Thank you and regards,


    How to apply factory worker?
    I have work experience in plastic molding injection in Taiwan 3years. South Korea 4years and 10 months. Machine operator and team leader.

  91. Al Mercado Virgines

    How to apply

  92. How can i apply for this job offer?
    Facktory Worker bound to new zealnd.
    I had the experience being factory worker in many companies that requires my knowledge and capabilities to grow and be useful in many machinery operations. And also have a driving experience using trucks 6 & 10 wheelers abroad ang local. Hopefully you’ve see my comment and expecting a reply from yours. Thank you.

  93. Rodolfo concepcion

    i have no experience but im fast learner..

  94. looking for factory worker vacancies

  95. Good day!
    I am a well-experience machine operator/ factory worker in South Korea and local (Philippines) for more than 12 years. Now I’m looking for a factory worker vacancies …I am very much interested and willing to share my knowleadge and skills and to learn more .

  96. im interested candidate

  97. mel gibson acera

    hi! Im willing to work in your company as factory worker,and i knowledge to work as production worker before in my previous work in taiwan..i hope you read my comment.thank you and Godbless

  98. I was looking in the link of application but there is no link posted

  99. Looking for work ready passport
    [email protected]

  100. Im interested as a factory worker in zew zealand

  101. I’m very interested in this job.I work in south Korea almost 6 years as a factory worker.

  102. Ray Anthony D. Rosakay

    Interested in factory worker in new zealand

  103. Analyn F. Deguit

    I am interested to apply for the job. I came from the Philippines and very much willing to relocate for work in New Zealand.

  104. I want to apply as a factory worker

  105. Jackylyn Natingor

    Good day. I would like to apply as a factory worker. Hoping for a positive response. Thank you and God bless.

  106. Im applying for any vicant positions

  107. Mon Alvir J. Tubo

    Factory worker applicant

  108. Mark keneth Cacalda

    Im interested im here in the philippines…10 years experience as industrial machine operator wood working industry

  109. I hope you choose me I work hard and a team player thank you..

  110. Honey Jim Poliquit Gallardo

    I want to be part of the team. If i have given a chance to be pick. I will give my best everyday to meet the needs of the company.

  111. Skills
    Machine operator
    Know welding smaw/ gmaw
    Painting finish product.
    Driving a 4wheels vihicle

  112. Applying for production operator/ factory worker

  113. how to apply factory worker?

  114. Im interested for working factory worker in NEWZEALAND I HOPE you see my sending email . Thankyou

  115. Cristina delossantos

    Im interested

  116. Samuel R. Coraza

    I have a lot of experience of factory worker local and abroad weaving machine operator,plastic injection machine operator,cable wire machine operator.

  117. Aaron rafols jimenez

    Factory worker

  118. Interested to apply as a factory worker in New Zeland

  119. Francisco Navarro

    Thanks i hope u hire me as factory worker.

  120. Gerry Barnizo Jr.

    Factory worker applicant

  121. Lineman /electrician

  122. I have a lot of expercience about a factory worker
    Im interested to apply

  123. Romuald Gatchalian

    Applying for factory worker

  124. jerlyn Bernardino

    interested for job

  125. Jayson Montenegro

    Willing to work

  126. Marvin Franco Castil

    applaying for factory worker

  127. I apply Factory Worker,Im a hardworking.Thank You

  128. Carrie O. Panganiban

    I applying for factory or laundry worker

  129. Joram C. Austria

    I’m Interested to work on it.

  130. Im interested

  131. Lavern salvatierra

    Good day sir mam and sir ,,can I apply factory worker

  132. Rey john Delos santos

    interested i have expirience as factory worker and my possition assistant machine operator

  133. Rudolph Rodger M. Gumabay

    Good Day, i am Rudolph, and i am applying for a factory worker in new zealand, i do have an experience in manufacture and industrial factory. i operate a poreba machine for manufacturing a metal drill pipes.
    Thank you and I Hope to work with ypu soon.

  134. Good day.. I am Fykel M Magracia from Philippines 35 years of age willing to apply as machine operator

  135. Michael Angelo Enilda

    Where to apply

  136. Michael Sto. Domingo

    How to apply?

  137. Jovan keith Villas

    Hi good day I would like to apply

  138. Im interested to sork

  139. Kenneth m tingson

    Need a work

  140. Fulbert M. Acibron

    Good day.I am Fulbert Acibron and I am willing to your good company as a factory worker.I have knowledge inbterms of working in the factory because I have experience working in the factory for almost six year.I am capable of using lathe machine.I hope I can work in your company in the near future.Godbless

  141. Interested to apply

  142. How to apply I’m interested to apply

  143. Interested to work as factory worker. 23 years experience as factory worker.

  144. How to apply for factory worker in New Zealand?

  145. Hello good day. I am applying for foctory worker position.
    Plaesa allow me to prove my self thank you

  146. Interested machine operator

  147. Hoping to be qualified for the position.

  148. Ian O. Sarmiento

    13yrs erperience as factory worker and machine operator

  149. Paulter Pangilinan

    Good morning
    I am interested in applying as a Factory Worker.
    I have a certification on Safety courses on the Petroleum Industry.

  150. Complete requirements po

  151. Joseph James Sayson

    I’m a hardworking person

  152. I’m interested for the position of factory worker.thanks

  153. Im interested to apply., I can assure you that Im a very hardworking amd responsible person.

  154. Do you have an age limit?

  155. Hello. I’m a aspirant filipino worker who wants to work abroad as factory worker. The problem is that I have scar in my lungs since I have history to tubercolosis. But I’m healed and took required medicine for 6months. I hope you will consider my application. Thank you!

  156. Darren jay T. Lontok

    I am an instrumentation and control engineer with a national certificate ll for instrumentation and control servicing. I have an expirience at food and beverage

    You can contact me at 09155383975 and email: [email protected]. Thank you

  157. I have experience

  158. Factory or farm worker

  159. New zealand factory worker

  160. Jomar C. Fernandez

    How to apply and how to send an application?

  161. Anu pong age limit

  162. *how to apply?

  163. Im factory in yokohama tire phil inc.

  164. emmanuel joyohoy

    i work as factory worker in taiwan for 3 years but i dont have experience in tire but im willing to work and learned more in your company

  165. Danilo A. Montalba jr

    How to apply

  166. Hi, im mr.nofuente 32 yrs old from Muntinlupa Philippines, i have many experience im willing to work as a Machine Operator, Production Operator, Warehouse personel, Material Handler. Thank you.

  167. Interested applicant. Where to send my CV. Thank you

  168. Rommer M. Carable

    Im interested ..i had a 6 1/2 working years experiecef with the same field…I hope i could come up with your answer..thank you..

  169. hello mam/sir.. im intersted to apply on your bacant job..
    i have a 3 years eperience in a rubber pruduction.. i am a operator on a hydrualic rubber mould like tires,rubber bushing and conveyor belt..

  170. Raymond Weil De Torres

    I am interested

  171. I would like to apply as Factory worker in New Zealand.

  172. Gilbert Panganiban Incapas

    I am working in an electronics company here in the Philippines since 2010 until now. I can also handle different kind of machine like soldering and spot welding machine. I hope that I can share my knowledge with your company. Thank you so much.

  173. I am applying for a factory worker with 9 years up to present experiece in packaging industry…

  174. Hi..I’m 36 of ages from Philippines

  175. jonjon valderama

    Mam/sir interested po ko magapply….

  176. applying for work in new zealand

  177. Hi!
    I’m interested to apply

  178. Jake christhian corpuz

    Is this hiring

  179. Hi sir / mam good day …is this job available for now?

  180. Im 55 year apply for foctory worker.9 years experience in foctory worker.and other experience is driving 26 experience.

  181. Blessed day Sis/Maam

    I would to apply as a Machine Operator in you good company. I have 9 yrs experience in Taiwan.
    Thank you and God bless..

  182. Im interested to work there as soon as passible..

  183. Christine Agustin Palantog

    Factory Worker Applicant

  184. I’m Ferdinand Gabriel from Philippines
    I’m interested in this job factory worker
    I’m willing to apply sir mam than you

  185. Maribel P. Moratilla

    im from philippines willing to work in new zealand.

  186. I would likr to apply as a factory worker. I have an experiencr in an electronic company as Quality Control Techician for 7 years.


  188. Good day! I am a very idealistic and a hardworking employee.. hoping to have a chance


    Factory Worker, APPLICANT.

  190. Rizalito B largo

    Applicant:factory workers in new Zealand.

  191. Christian Pagaduan

    I interested for applying for a job

  192. John Reeve B. Paglicauan

    Im interested from the position of Factory worker

  193. Would like to be part of the team

  194. Nerrisa Castro Padilla

    How to apply factory worker?

  195. Rubelyn Fajilagutan

    Im very interested in this job,how do I get chance in this opportunity

  196. I’m willing to apply as a factory worker inline in CNC lathe machine operator
    Thank you

  197. Gud day, Im willing to apply factory worker in new zealand

  198. I’m interested how to apply…

  199. Mark francis cruz

    I’m applying factory worker, 4yrs experience from Philippines thanks

  200. Elibert Pe Benito

    Im applaying factory worker

  201. Mark john Gonzalvo

    I am interested applicant for the job opening. I hope to be one of your worker.. Thank you

  202. Roel R. Liberato

    I’m interested.

  203. Randy Van Mapiscay


    I would like to apply as factory worker in New Zealand. Please do send the details on how to apply.

    Thank You,


  204. Emmanuel bernardo

    Help me to work in new Zealand I’m from the philippines and hard worker

  205. I want to apply as a factory worker i your company

  206. Anatalia Romanes

    Willing to apply.


    I want to apply To New Zealand as a Factory Worker

  208. Is this only for the resident of New Zealand?

  209. Im interested for work as factory worker

  210. Willing to apply in nz

  211. Norberto C. Redaza

    very much interested, for acquiring knowledge and expirience tru wide array of jobs

  212. 4 yrs factory worker in south korea food processing machine operator also with fork lift experience while i was in korea..

  213. How to apply? I’m interested

  214. I was working in south korea for almost 4yrs in food processing machine operator and with knowledge in operating fork lift at desame company as part of our daily works.

  215. Hello I am applying for factory worker

  216. im intrested as a factory worker in new zealand.i have a expurience in saudi arabia as a factory worker and my skill is machine operator for txtile.

  217. [email protected] day im larry marin interested to apply as factory worker in new zealand and to your beloved company.ihave wxpiriece in saudi as a factory worker and my skilled is machine operator in txtile.

  218. Wow, i really want to work abroad and to be part of your vompany…

  219. Mary Grace Basteng

    This is nice and I am interested to apply for this job.

  220. Maria Fe Sumalinog

    Applicant as factory worker in New Zealand

  221. Applying Job Factory worker in New Zealand

  222. I’m interested to apply

  223. Hi good day! I am applicant for the position as factory worker, my name is Edwin groyon bermundo from Philippines.

  224. Im Willing to work as Factory Worker i am mechanic in my own country i have more experience abaout This job

  225. John Lester Bitago

    im interested to work as factory or any kind of work as long as i can.

  226. I am interested in this job

  227. Good day mam/sir
    I’m interested too apply as factory worker
    How too apply

  228. Angelica Alvendia

    Willing to apply

  229. Wilson V. Orense

    I want to apply for a position of factory worker..I have. More than 10 years of experience in a manufacturing industry as Maintenance Technician, local and in abroad..I am electromechanic technology graduate. I have a certificate of trainings, and passport..Here is my contact number+639053127015


    to be able to work and developed my personal and professional developement as an employee


    Im interested.. i worrked in south korea as a factory worker for almost five years.

  232. Fernando Herrera

    im interested previously worked in south korea ass factory worker

  233. Im Interested!

  234. Im interested

  235. Jeremias G. Alicaba

    interested to work as factory workers

  236. any email adress to send an email for cv

  237. im interested to work and willing to learn more

  238. Maria Luz P. Garcia

    Interested with 2 years experience for making coffee in SPA CAFÉ

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