Senior Driver Job at HITACHI RAIL STS S.P.A. in Taiwan

HITACHI RAIL STS S.P.A. is actively searching for a proficient senior driver to augment their workforce in Taiwan. This pivotal role entails the operation and navigation of vehicles, with a primary focus on guaranteeing the secure and punctual conveyance of passengers and cargo. The envisioned candidate will possess a wealth of experience in driving and must hold a current and valid driver’s license. This position demands a meticulous individual who prioritizes safety and efficiency in their driving practices. If you meet these criteria and are eager to contribute to our dynamic team, they invite you to consider this exciting opportunity with HITACHI RAIL STS S.P.A.

Key Responsibilities of Senior Driver:

  • Drive vehicles to transport passengers or goods to their destinations.
  • Follow traffic laws and safety regulations.
  • Maintain the vehicle in good condition and perform regular maintenance checks.
  • Operates Metro Transit vehicles during construction phase. Area of operation is mainline and depot.
  • Operates and maintain vehicles safely in accordance with all operating rules, procedures and scheduled running times including manual mode and automatic mode.
  • Conducts inspection of assigned rail equipment in accordance with rules and standard operating procedures.
  • Operates two-way radio system in accordance with Metro Transit rules and Commissioning procedure.
  • Maintains continuous safety awareness and focus on railway and rail conditions during operation of vehicles; maintains constant contact and communication with Control Center
  • Electronically and manually operates switches and other systems when necessary.
  • Coordinate between Control Center and Test lead for safe movement and achievement test objective.
  • Notifies the Control Center of any emergency, abnormal or unsafe situations. Communicates to customers and the Control Center providing appropriate information regarding emergency evacuation and other emergency situations.
  • Attends required training classes and course required for Train operation under construction phase.
  • Completes forms and paperwork such as accident/incident reports and defect cards as required.

Requirements for Senior Driver:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Extensive experience as a driver, preferably in a similar role.
  • Good knowledge of traffic laws and regulations.
  • Excellent driving skills and a clean driving record.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Competitive wages
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Retirement savings plan
  • Paid time off
  • Opportunities for advancement within the company

Job Details:

  • Job Title: Senior Driver Job at HITACHI RAIL STS S.P.A. in Taiwan
  • Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Company: HITACHI RAIL STS S.P.A.
  • Salary: 20-24
  • Salary Currency: TWD
  • Payroll: per hour
  • Employment Type: Full-time

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